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Life is never meant to be lived in a cramped space. In fact, people deserve enough room for their family, belongings, and their respective dreams. That’s true but in Lancaster New City Cavite, there’s more to living than just enough space. There is a wide array of high-quality amenities in this property that are designed to make your living experience more convenient and comfortable. Plus, these amenities help you be part of a community that you can’t find anywhere else.

For starters, residents of Lancaster New City Cavite won’t have any problem travelling in or out of the property due to a shuttle service that’s readily available to everyone. Roads are also designed to be wider to provide more space for residents’ properties and their respective automobiles. Furthermore, residents of Lancaster New City Cavite can sleep better at night with reliable safety and security measures in place. The property’s security officials know their stuff well to ensure no harm will come upon you, your family, or your belongings.

Spending a whole day with family or friends doesn’t need to be complicated. With the help of Lancaster New City Cavite, you can gather in a clubhouse that provides ample space and shelter so you can all enjoy any special occasion without leaving the property. With this amenity, growing closer with friends and family is now easier than renting a place outside and spending even more. You can also spend a great time with your friends playing ball or having a quick dip to fight of the summer heat. You can do those two things with the help of a quality basketball court and a swimming pool inside this property. Since Lancaster New City Cavite covers a huge area, there are several courts and pools inside so residents won’t have to go far for their entertainment.

The great thing too about living in Lancaster New City Cavite is you don’t even need to leave the property to shop and dine.  Inside this property is a commercial establishment called Lancaster Square that provides an opportunity for every resident to spend quality time without leaving the village. Residents can eat to their heart’s desire and buy the things they want in a place that’s near their home. When it comes to convenience, Lancaster New City Cavite has covered all your needs.

Education is very important to families and Lancaster New City Cavite has ensured you only get the best when you choose to live here. The developers of this property thought of this aspect. That’s why the St. Edwards Integrated School is situated inside this village so your children won’t have to travel far for the education they rightfully deserve.

Due to its large area, Lancaster New City has a lot more amenities. What you’ve read is but a taste into what this property can offer you and your family. With a residence here in this property, all your living requirements and conditions are a notch higher than anywhere else you can think of.

Amenities and Facilities

  • Church of Holy Family
  • Family Courtyard
  • Function Rooms
  • Linear Park
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping at Lancaster Square
  • St.Edward Ingregated School
  • Swimming Pools

Project Features:

  • Entrance Gate
  • Leighton Hall (Clubhouse)
  • Swimming Pool
  • Basketball Court
  • Church of the Holy Family
  • Centralized Water System
  • Concrete Roads
  • Family Courtyard (for Somerset and Manchester villages)
  • (Paid) Shuttle Service
  • Transport Terminal
  • St. Edward Integrated School
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